AimDroid: Activity-Insulated Multi-level Automated Testing for Android Applications


Artifact Evaluation Guide

We have provided all binaries for running AimDroid on an emulator.

We suggest you to use AimDroid to test real commercial industrial-strength sealed apps with hundreds activities. You can refer to the list of apps used during our evaluation.

We have another testing framework SATA. SATA can run on Android 6 and 7 without root access to the phone. We now working on implementing AimDroid on SATA.

Download this website (including every web page and artifact) from github for anonymous artifact evaluation.


AimDroid contains the following subprojects.

  1. AimDroid-controller
  2. AimDroid-ape
  3. AimDroid-monitor
  4. MiniTrace: For collecting method/instruction coverage inside the VM

AimDroid on Unrooted Device